Jessica Biel regrets not finishing college

  Posted On: August 02, 2012 07:14 IST
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Los Angeles, Aug 2 Actress Jessica Biel wishes she had stayed in school to gain her diploma after dropping out of college to find fame.

The 30-year-old studied at Tufts University in Massachussetts for two years, before bailing on her education to focus on her acting career.

"I went to Tufts for about a year and a half. I had such a great time. You have no responsibilities aside from getting to classes, taking finals, and living with girlfriends. But I got pulled into making movies and couldn't get myself out of it," quoted Biel as saying.

"Some days I regret it; some days I don't. So I would tell my younger self... 'Finish college, if just for the social experience'," she said.


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