Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara Critics Review

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Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara Critics Review

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara: A sequel fails dobara!  - 16 Aug 2013

"Abhi toh meri entry hui hai, The End aane me bohut time hai mere dost," says Imran Khan in the film, oblivious of the fact that 160 minutes of 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara' is 'indeed bohot time' for audiences to bear this torture.

This week's big release, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara (OUATIMD) is just smoke and no fire in comparison to the pre-release noise it made.

Everything in the film looks plastic, right from the don and his heavy-duty dialoguebaazi to the entire setting of the 80s - all looks to forced and fake.

Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai Dobara starts from where its prequel, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai ended. Shoaib (Akshay Kumar) is the new lover of the Bambai city and as per him the city is his beloved. However, that hardly anyone knows him in the city is a different story. Why else will he affirm it now and again in dialogues like, "Samundar ke baad Bambai Shoaib se jaani jaati hai" and “Bambai huss rahi hai, Kumkum se Kimi Katkar ki tarah lag rahi hai!” It only makes you cringe.

He loves a starlet, Jasmine who is as boring as the film, but if she loves him is a mystery. Yes, they made love too but at the same time she loves spending time with Shoaib's dumbfounded friend with long side locks, Aslam. She is his arm-candy for quite sometime now but still doesn't know that he is a don. How funny!

Shoaib came to Mumbai in search of his biggest enemy (Mahesh Manjerakar). Cops was after him and to escape them he lived in the city as a cabbie. With no explanation at all, soon he forgets his mission and police forgets him and now he is spotted at Gateway of India freely and murdering in open day light with no one to catch him.

So, with the basic premise of two men falling for the same girl, the film, which was supposed to be an action-thriller is reduced to a lousy love triangle. And that's why it is personal this time.

Compare this one to the prequel starring Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashmi and you'll love the Salim-Javed inspired part one. It was engaging, entertaining and well-performed too. Dialogues were taalimaar and every character there fitted the bill perfectly, especially Ajay Devgan, who played the Don because he was too natural. On the other hand the goggles clad Akshay Kumar, looks all phoney trying too hard to be cool and menacing. In fact, in his last negative outing Ajnabee the actor was far better.
Only Milan Luthria, the man who directed both the parts can tell what went so horribly wrong in this one.

Sonakshi Sinha had raised the bar for herself after Lootera, falls flat here. She is down right unimpressive. We strictly do not want to discuss Imran Khan's performance.

Talk about Akshay Kumar and we pity for the actor. With dog collared shirts and big goggles covering his eyes, the man is no less than a caricature of a don. Add to it the rhymes he mouth every time he introduces himself and you can't help but cringe. For instance, “Naam bataya toh pehchan bura maan jayegi… Daan kiya toh dhanda bura maan jayega… Jisne doodh mein nimbu daala, paneer uski.” Here goes another one, “Mein woh hoon, jo sabki maa behn karna chahta hoon, Aslam. Villain hoon mein. Villain!” - Isn't it a pitiable condition when a villain has to reiterate again and again the he is a villain? Rather than being mean he made us laugh.

Music of OUATIMD is decent, cinematography average as the you just can't relate to the 80s Mumbai that has been recreated here.

The film looks through a fragile fake facade, which dwindles with every frame and collapses at the end. Watch it once if you have nothing great to do over the long weekend and you are done with Chennai Express. Else OUATIMD TV pe aa hi jaegi.

P.S: OUATIMD can be an exemplar for the film-makers who believe that if the film is a hit, the sequel will also set the cash registers ringing.

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