Zeenat Amaan – A Gem, on and off Screen

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Zeenat Amaan - the name which brings in the glamour and boldness along with her in Bollywood. She was one of the highly respected and beautiful ladies of her era. This star was born on 19th of November 1951 and entered into the Hindi Film Industry in the era of 70s and 80s. She made her debut in Hindi film industry with a small role in the movie Hulchul in 1971. Her father had worked for the Indian Film Industry, so it was not very difficult for her to get an entry into Bollywood. During her career, she played some outstanding roles which are even remembered by today’s generation. There are many people who claim that Bollywood has developed a lot, but it is very difficult for today’s actresses to play the roles which were played by the actresses of earlier times. There was a time when the directors were ready to wait even for years to cast her in their films. This was the magic of this star.

Zaheeda’s, Hare Rama Hare Krishna is some of the movies which have helped her to won many awards. After these films, there was no looking back for her. She kept on giving the commercial hits one after the other. Her work was highly regarded by the critics as well. She always tried to work according to the demand of script and her director. She did not lag behind to do the sensual and romantic scenes on the screen.

In the decade of 70s, there were not many people who were aware of what a magazine is, but even then she was the only Bollywood actress who appeared on the cover page of one of the famous magazines. There were various actors who showed the interest in working with her because she was a great artist. Even nowadays, there are various directors who showed the interest in making films with Zeenat Amaan. In the beginning of her career, she did face certain obstacles, but she overcome from them like a fighter.

She was equally good in her personal life as well. She is very helpful and kind hearted person. Her acting in the song "churaliya hai tumne jo dil ko" is considered as one of the turning points in her career. She played the role of a lady who drinks alcohol and used to smoke. She also won many awards for this song. Although, this song was sung by Asha Bhosle, but Zeenat Amaan is the one who is remembered whenever someone plays this song. She had worked under various popular banners in the Indian Film Industry and tried to give equal responses to all of them. There are hardly any films that did not do well at the Box office and her roles were always admired by the critics and her fans as well. She was able to make a mark for herself even in the male dominated films. She did not say no to any of the roles which were offered to her.     

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