Who can be the Indian Quentin Tarantino?

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Quentin Tarantino needs no introduction of his own. He is a famous American film director born in 1963. He is a well known producer, cinematographer and actor as well. Known for his famous works like Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino has bagged many awards including the academy award, golden globe award and many more.
Indian film industry is rapidly growing industry and with the inception of western lifestyle and culture the film industry is changing too. The genre of films produced by Indian producer is moving on to the lines of western cinema. The latest technology is used for the production of the films and it has become one of the major prerequisite. 
Quentin Tarantino has received some of the best critics’ ratings for his films like Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2, Pulp Function, Reservoir Dogs etc. Talking of Indian directors we see many successful names in the list but the one matching Quentin Tarantino is hard to find but not difficult.
Sanjay Gupta an Indian filmmaker directed the Indian version of Reservoir Dogs by the name of ‘Kaante’. Later on the movies like ‘Dev.D’, ‘Delhi Belly’, etc. are on the lines of Quentin Tarantino style. Directors in India admire the style of Tarantino and have agreed to the influences they draw out of this man. Sanjay Gupta’s Kaante was thought to be the musical cult of reservoir dogs but for the director the film has a lot more to say about Tarantino and his style. The movie ‘True Romance’ was again copied in many Indian movies and many Indian Directors have been influenced largely by Tarantino’s art and style. They have been creating and flaunting Tarantino’s style in many Indian movies. ‘Delhi Belly’ and ‘Dev D’ are some of the exciting examples of the same. Talking of the movies like ‘Ek haseena Thi’ and ‘Jhonny Gaddar’ we see that the Director Sriram Raghvan was too determined to try the style of Tarantino in his two genres. Raghvan is a name in the industry for trying such publicity stunts and his latest ‘Agent Vinod’ and other movies were again based on Tarantino’s movies where in he also thought of replicating some of the Indian classic songs of Raj Kapoor’s era. 
Thus in order to conclude we can say Indian Cinema has been highly influenced by the western counterpart and the effect of the same could be very well seen in the recent genres of Indian cinema. Youngsters are enjoying the Hollywood movies and thus Directors in India too are working on implementing the expertise and technology in their movies so as to earn maximum. As far as Indian Quentin Tarantino is concerned, it is hard to stick on a name as it depends on the viewer’s choice and of course on the kind of movies produced but of the many Sriram Raghvan is one tough contestant who is blindly following Tarantino.

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