Untold stories of Indian actors and actresses

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We all have some share of untold stories or secrets in our life. In the Indian film industry, there are lot of secrets of actors and actresses that we all are aware of. But this article is dedicated to informing you about the facts, secrets or stories that you have hardly heard off.

Amitabh Bachchan is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential actors in the history of Indian cinema. He is known for his deep and baritone voice. But it is interesting to know that he was rejected by the All India Radio after an audition test. During his early struggling period when he was trying to get into the world of cinemas, his voice was used for narration and background commentary. He has provided narrations for several films. Another story that is less known to the world is Amitabh Bachchan became the highest paid actor for eight years (1979-1987). We all know that he has a good relation with Gandhi family. He was a good friend of Rajiv Gandhi. He got his break in Hindi film industry after a letter of introduction, which was written by Mrs Indira Gandhi, the former Indian Prime Minister.

Shahrukh Khan also referred as the King of Bollywood, has won fourteen Filmfare Awards and shares the record for the highest number of Best Actor awards (eight awards) with Dilip Kumar. He never wanted to be an actor or a film star. He wanted to be a part of an advertising world.  That is why he joined a mass communication course from Jamia Milia Univeristy, Delhi. But he left the course in between and came to Mumbai to try his luck in films. He became the first Indian actor to open the stock market when he was invited along with Kajol by NASDAQ to ring their opening bell in New York.

Since debut, Katrina Kaif has always made her fans' pulse skip a beat. She was born in Hong Kong and spent most part of her life in China, Japan, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Hawaii. It is interesting to know that she had changed her surname to Kaif before entering into the Bollywood. Her first surname was Turquotto. Apart from surname, her real name is Catherine. Katrina Kaif loves teddy bears and considered them as her best buddies. She met Salman Khan in a gym.

On 12 December 1950, Rajinikanth was born as Shivaji Rao Gaikwad in a Marathi family. After the death of his mother, he often did odd jobs as a coolie in his community. Rajinikanth is known for his uniquely styled dialogues and idiosyncrasies in films. Rajinikanth received a salary of INR 26 crores, approximately US Dollars 5.3 million at the time, for his role in the film 'SHIVAJI – THE BOSS', which made him become the second highest paid actor in all of Asia.

Source: Movieplus.com

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