Top 10 epic war films

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Troy (2004)

When hubris, moira, curses and nemesis fuse together, civilizations fall, father kills daughter, brother slits brother’s throat, wives are raped and Gods go eerily silent. The story of “Troy” resonates just that- the falling of an entire civilization for the mistake of one foolish prince. When Wolfgang Petersen adapted one of the world’s greatest epic Iliad, entire globe could not wait to watch it. With actors like- Brad PittEric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Diane Kruger, Peter O'Toole, Rose Byrne, Petersen’s dream project- “Troy” was made on a budget of  $175,000,000. Considered to be one of the most expensive films produced in modern cinema, the film is a “must watch” if one wants to acquaint oneself with the ancient Greek culture. Few dialogues from the film are unforgettable and of course, the blazing duels with swords and shields have the capacity to evoke a different war world altogether. If you have not watched Troy, you are definitely missing something.


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