The Sly-Arnie Combination

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are the names which do not need any explanation. Their name speaks everything about them. It is a dream for every Hollywood fan to see them together in a movie. It is being said that the Sly-Arnie Relationship will be seen in movie 'Expendables 2', but there are various other actors who would be sharing the same screen with them. According to the Reports in Media, the two will also be seen in “The Tomb”. Both of them found to be struck in a tight rope when a woman claimed that she slept with both of them. But, this did not prove right at all. Later, both of them were released without any harsh punishment. The film “The Tomb” will begin in the spring season and may last till the end of year.

But, this is not the first time, when Sly-Arnie will be seen together. There have been various speculations in the earlier times about their relationship as well. Both of them have proved themselves in the Hollywood, both of them have also got the huge fan following as well. Hence, there are many people who keep on comparing them on the basis of their performance. There is a huge list of directors who have a dream to sign them together for a film. The movie “Tomb” will be a thriller. If one thinks that both of them liked each other since beginning then it is wrong, because there was a time, when it was believed that both of them were the strong rivals. In the 80s either of them did not want to see the face of each other. The rivalry between them continued for the long period of time.

The other thing which is found to be common in them is the fact that both of them have got the talent to do some incredible stunts and both of them have been injured as well many times while performing dangerous stunts in the movies. So, their rivalry came to an end when coincidentally, both of them were admitted in the same hospital. Both of them were injured at the time of doing some stunts in a movie. From there onwards, the relationship between them reached to a new level and after this incidence, both of them were considered to be a good friend. They have made various public appearances as well, to show the world, that they are good friends. The other thing which is very similar in both of them is their age. If Schwarzenegger is of the age 64 then Stallone is 65 years old. So, there is hardly a gap of one year between the two of them. Although, it was just a coincidence, but this has been done for the good of both of them. This has also given an opportunity to the directors to sing them together for a movie. Just conceive how interesting it is going to be, two Hollywood actions stars in the same movie. Everyone is waiting for the film to be released.   


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