Scope of Dubbed Movies in India

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Bollywood is certainly a big industry, as we all know what works, “entertainment, entertainment and more entertainment”.

Well it is true that, what we look in our movies is how good the star cast is and how catchy is it for the viewers. The viewers mostly look for a movie which is a full-on paisa-vasul for them. In the recent trends we have come across many movies that are in different languages and are dubbed and shown in theatres. But the question arises how good these movies do in the real world.

There are several movies that are released in Hindi which are originally in some other language. These movies tend to do good business in their original language but generally fail to the expectations of other language users.

People do not prefer watching movies that are dubbed from one language to another. It is a tendency seen in Indian viewers that they do not find dubbed movies very attractive to watch. Or they would prefer some other movie that is released in the theatres that week.  Also if given a choice they would not go and watch a dubbed movie.

Where as, to avoid such situation in the industry, the makers are now into the business of making remakes of successful movies from South with impressing starcast, sometimes the same too.
This strategy is actually helping the industry grow. These movies do fairly good business and are sometimes super hits too. Movies like Ghajni have done superb business, of which the concept was taken from a Hollywood movie “Momento”.

If we talk about Hollywood movies that are dubbed in Hindi or any other regional language are also not doing good business in Metro cities. Such movies either do not release in metro cities or fail to impress the viewers.  Movies like Amazing Spider-man and Medagascar have also released in Hindi have not done much business in comparison with the one in the original language. These movies are preferred in big cities and as well as small cities, thanks to the brand value of movies like Spiderman and popular star cast. One of the main reasons for the Hollywood movies to proper in India is because of the amazing graphics and technologies used.

Well, if we talk about the scope of dubbed movies in India, it does not seem very bright as they are just weird translation of the actual language which all together brings out a very funny meaning to the movie. The viewers feel that the punches or the seriousness is lost with this translation, which is true to an extent.

The Indian cinema has made animated movies which are released in different languages and they do justice to all the languages. They have done brilliant jobs in dubbing those movies. The dubbing of movies in India is surely moving fast with good technologies. Still it needs to grow far better, and as per the expectations of the viewers and entertaining at the same time.


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