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Salman Khan is known as the man behind a bunch of Bollywood blockbuster hits. With almost 3 decades of acting expertise behind him, he has come a long way from churning out commercial hits like Maine Pyar Kiya for which he received his first nomination for Best actor way back in 1989. He is also known to give out a series of flop movies only to come back strongly with a sudden project that would rock the charts and bring Indian Cinema to his feet.

After giving out impressive performances in Mujhse Shaadi karoge, No Entry and Tere Naam in the early 2000s, Khan eventually became a part of a series of flop ventures till 2008. Later within one year of the release of an Angelina Jolie offering, Wanted, Khan decided to star in a remake of a Telugu Movie hit, Pokiri. It was named Wanted too, with Khan posing with his back up front and face turned backwards, gripping a Colt with his perfectly toned and muscular right arm in posters which were set up at all major theatres in India.   

The film is about a young IAS officer who goes undercover as a gangster to infiltrate the underworld. Starring opposite to Khan was Ayesha Takia as Jhanvi. The movie was filled with action scenes as the sidekicks fly around when hit with Khan’s bullets and blows which never seem to miss their mark. The action flick was garnished with the right proportions of comedy and drama to make it an instant hit among the Indian Masses. Wanted grossed a commendable 38 crore rupees in in the first week. It shattered records in Pakistan, grossing over 75 lakh rupees in the first weekend. It totally grossed over 81 crore rupees in India and over 10 crore rupees worldwide. The movie was then elevated by the verdict to a super-hit movie.

The following year, he came up with another action flick, Dabangg which translates as ‘Fearless’. Directed by Abhinav Kashyap, and produced by his brother, Arbaaz Khan, the actors of the film included Shatrighan Sinha’s daughter, Sonakshi Sinha who was debuting in this movie and also Sonu Sood as the villain. Malaika Arora infused her skill with a smashing item number, Munni Badnaam Hui. The film is set in Uttar Pradesh and rotates around a cop named Chulbul Pandey, who portrays himself as a modern Robin-hood and performs the act of ripping the rich lawbreakers to help the needy to perfection. Released after incurring a shade over 40 crore rupees as investment, the movie grossed almost 80.87 crore rupees in the first week and went on to gross 215 crore rupees worldwide. India declared it an all-time blockbuster within two weeks of its release.
Later in the first week of April last year, Khan starred in a movie named Ready opposite Asin. The cast also included Paresh Rawal and Mahesh Manjrekar, as director Anees Bazmee termed it as a romantic comedy. This also being a remake of a Telegu movie, Ready portrays Khan as a person who helps his friends in need and eventually finds love among the strangest of circumstances. The film had a record opening day as it grossed 13 crore rupees on the first day and 12.37 crores on the second day, breaking records of the previous Salman starrer, Dabangg.

Then in August, 2011, he launched another movie, Bodyguard, wherein as the name suggests he plays a bodyguard who protects Divya, the character played by Kareena Kapoor. Directed by, Siddique, the third remake of the director’s own Malayalam version on the same name, Bodygauard was all set to rock the charts taking Salman Khan to a whole new level of acting. The movie became an instant hit as it netted above 140 crore rupees and in four weeks was also declared as an all-time blockbuster.

It can be easily concluded that Salman Khan clearly merges the adversities of Indian society with a probable saviour who comes along to pull the people out of their miseries. Mostly remakes of regional movie hits, Salman seems to be playing the right cards at the right time to achieve immense success at the Box Office.


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