Evolution of Double Action

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Double action is special type of acting by a same actor who plays two different types of role in a play or movie. It is very difficult to play such types of roles. There are many movies in which an actor plays dual role.  The Playhouse Alec Guinness was the first movie with dual role. Playing a dual role in a movie is very challenging and needs proper quality of an actor or actress.

Double role in Theater:

The first idea of dual role was developed in theater by Tom Stoppard. In the theater called King Liar actor Peter Pan acted a dual role. King Liar was a great play written by William Shakespeare. It is a rule for Mr. Darling and Captain Hook to act on the same actor, a curiosity often continued in film story or plot with the hero or heroine playing dual roles. In theater, playing a dual role is never easy. It needs years of practice and great make up skills to perform directly in front of spectators. Sometimes an actor or an actress has to act spontaneously in dual role which is tough challenge for them.

Double role in Movies:

In case of movies playing a dual role is much easier than theater as theater take place in front of spectators and it is live. A single fault can hang up a question against ones carrier. But in case of movies there are many options. First of all; an actor can concede number of takes to act to perfection. Secondly, a makeup man or makeup artist supports an actor in double action films by giving proper makeup to them as per the story line. But above all it is the skill of an actor that matters a lot. A skillful actor can set the stage on fire. There are many examples of that. The first movie having dual role is The Prisoners of Zenda. In bollywood the movie named Angoor was acted by Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Burma. That was a double action evolution. There are many movies in which an actor plays dual role.  Playing a dual role in a movie is very challenging and needs good capabilities in an actor or actress. In 2008, Indian born legend Kamal Hassan acted in film named Dashavataram in which he played 10 roles. That’s what acting skills is all about. It was a block buster movie. There are many movies like Judwaa, Ram aur Sham and Sita Geeta which are popular and are renowned, where dual role was played nicely. Public has a strong interest in these types of films. They are eager to watch same actor playing two different roles in a same film spontaneously. It is surely a big challenge to an actor.

Double role in Television:

There are many daily soaps in which dual role are being played. But those serials needs less challenge as they are watched by selected people for half an hour daily. Playing a dual role is never an easy thing to do; it needs years of wisdom and patience and practice to overcome all the challenges which arise during acting.

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