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Fast life, busy schedules and rising ticket prices have led to an increasing number of people preferring to watch movies online instead of going to movie theaters.  Due to this high demand and the possibility of monetization by way of displaying ads, the number of websites offering free online movies is increasing by the day. However, if you do a Google search for online movies, most sites that come up are bogus sites that claim to have online movies, but when we actually visit the site, we find pages full of ads and other useless information but no movies. Copyright laws are very strict in the west, so you won’t find too many sites where you can watch English movies. But thankfully, there are a few good sites where you can watch Hindi movies. In this article, we’ve listed some of the best sites where you can watch good quality Hindi movies online: Youku is the second largest online video site after Youtube. It has a great collection of Bollywood movies, especially the movies released in the last couple of years. Most of the new releases are available on this site. Using the search functionality on the site, you can either search for a specific movie or search on a generic term like ‘Hindi movies 2013.’ If you’re looking for a popular new movie, the odds of finding the video are very high. This is one of the older and well known sites dedicated to Hindi movies. The videos are not hosted on this site. However, it has links to other websites that have videos from dailymotion, videoweed and other sources. The links mostly lead to high quality videos, so this is a highly recommended site. The site also has almost all popular TV serial videos, in case you are interested. If you are someone who doesn’t like to watch pirated movies, this is one of the good sites for you. Earlier, this site used to have videos of new releases which are obviously pirated. But the site seems to have gone through some recent changes and currently has only older movies that have no copyright issues. Most videos are actually Youtube videos embedded into the site, so you can be assured of the video quality. The site also has movies of other languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and Marathi. This is another very good site to watch latest Indian movies. When you access the home page of the site, the latest uploaded movie shows right on top. This is most likely the newest release, so it’s really easy to find the latest movies on this site. The overall site has a huge collection of movies right from the movies released in1940s to the latest Bollywood releases sorted in alphabetical order. This is another good site that recently came across. The navigability of the site is really good. Just click ‘Bollywood movies’ and then click on the year to find and watch movies released in that year. Yes, youtube has a good collection of Hindi movies too. Obviously, you won’t find the latest releases that have copyright issues. But you do have a lot of good movies, including some movies that were released not too long ago.


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