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Bruce Lee became a legend for his great fighting skills and he was responsible to a great extent for bringing the Kung fu and other classic styles of fighting in the English cinema in the 70s and 80s. The lovers of action films still find that any collection of good action film would not be completed without the classics of Bruce Lee like Enter the Dragon, The Chinese Connection, Scenes of Death etc. Bruce Lee was not a big and heavily built man like the new age action heroes. Rather he was a short man of 5’7’’ and he weighted only 135 pounds. His advanced fighting techniques are result of his tryst with various fighting forms like traditional kung fu, boxing, wrestling, and other fighting techniques. He named the combination of his techniques Jeet Kune Do. Though Bruce was introduced in the films when he was only a three month old baby, his first proper film was The Kid (1950). This film is a proof of the dormant talent of a boy who would in future change the ways of advanced techniques of fighting.

The Big Boss or The Fists of Fury was the first Asian English film done by Bruce Lee which became a big hit in the Asian market. This film was a turning point of his life. One of the most important fighting scenes from this movie is when Bruce is engaged in fighting with a group of men, a man throws a knife at him and he kicks it back to the attacker leading the attacker to his death. But when talking about the best film done by Bruce Lee the name of Enter the Dragon comes to our mind. With his great speed and combination of great fighting forms along with his expertise pave the path of his becoming a legend. In Enter the Dragon there is a fighting scene at the Coliseum of Rome between Bruce and Chuck Norris which is considered one of the greatest classical fighting scenes of English cinema.

In The Chinese Connection Bruce impersonates the role of a student of a kung fu school of China during 1900s when the country was greatly dominated by the foreign power, mainly by Japanese people. The character of Bruce seeks revenge for the murder of his teacher and for retaining the glory of his school by fighting back to the Japanese attackers who used to treat the Chinese people as second class citizens. This film became hugely popular because Bruce played a man who not only stood for his school but for his country as well. His victory over the Japanese people was considered the victory of the oppressed Chinese people over the oppressor Japanese.

In his Scenes of Death the action scenes between 5’7’’ Bruce and Huge Abdul Jabbar of 7’2’’ holds our attention throughout. This scene also is considered one of the classic fighting sequences of his career. The way Bruce runs towards his attackers and fights them back is truly remarkable in his Scenes of Death.


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