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Famous for his comedic stance in his films and his dynamic and ever entertaining dance moves, Govinda is one of India's most beloved celebrities. His name turns out in everyone's lips as Bollywood's favourite comedian. This actor has had a blossoming career and has drawn a huge crowd with his humorous and loveable characters on-screen. Apart from his so-much-loved on-screen characters, Govinda's introduction is incomplete if we not mention his super hit dance routines that have entertain us (movie-goers). Let us take a look at some of Govinda's best dance songs.

Do You Want A Partner

Another smashing song performed by Govinda and Salman Khan, this song is the original track from the blockbuster Partner (2007). Well choreographed, the duo danced to the upbeat music and did a wonderful job. The song went viral and the audience loved the catchy beat of the music and the lyrics.


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